Fall, winter, spring:



Our training model operates on the principle that intense challenges bring about significant change. As a result, we provide an organized, accountable environment that focuses on developing a complete basketball player through physical and mental training. Our players will also learn positive character traits, discipline, dedication, sacrifice, hard work, responsibility, accountability and how to contribute to their successes as not just an athlete but as a mature individual as well.

90 minutes of intense basketball training sessions led by experienced coaches.

During the session, players will be participating in: 

  • Cardio & Stretching

  • Speed & Footwork 

  • Basketball Drills and Games

  • Development of Foundational Basketball Skills (passing, dribbling, shooting, defense)

  • Competitions

  • Games & Tournaments 

1st-4th Grade (Ages 6-10)

Teaching basketball fundamentals in a positive, fun and safe environment where students will have a lot of fun while learning basketball fundamentals. Our goal is to teach and intensify their love towards the game, optimize the skill level of kids at an early age and increase each player's self-esteem which will positively translate in all other aspects of everyday life.  

5th-8th Grade (Ages 11-14)

60% of the time is spent on skills training training and 30% of the time is spent on actual game competition. Coaches teach position concepts and motion offense. We also host in house tournaments and travel to compete against other teams from similar age group around the NYC area. Each player gets similar playtime during the game.