Giorgi is the founder of Brooklyn Basketball Academy Inc. He fell in love with basketball at age 5 after he watched the movie "Space Jam" and has been in love and involved in the game ever since. Giorgi played for his U16 Georgian Basketball National Team and moved to the USA at the age of 17 to continue his career in the USA. He then went to Mountain State Academy in Beckley, West Virginia, where he played for one of the top 25 varsity teams in the country. As a senior, Gio played for Hamilton Heights Christian Academy in Tennessee, where he averaged 19.5 Points and 6.5 Rebound and became a Hall of Famer for the school. He then received full athletic scholarship to Union University in Jackson, TN where he started 10 consecutive games as a freshmen. During his junior year, Gio transferred to University Minessota at Crookston with a full basketball scholarship, where he pursued his bachelor's degree majoring in business management with a minor in economics.


Coach Mike is a founder of ProLevel Basketball. He has 25+ years of coaching experience on every level, from youth to pro-level. He is currently a top trainer on Coachup. He helps players improve different aspects of their game and has been involved in NYC basketball for more than 30 years. Additionally, he is a motivational speaker for children and adults.



Before moving to the USA to continue his education at ASA College (Junior College D1) on a full basketball scholarship, he played professional basketball for the Georgian basketball club - Sokhumi. While in Georgia, Rezi was a summer camp and clinics coach. He has a deep understanding of basketball and focuses on increasing the student’s overall game and self-esteem. At the moment, Rezi is a junior at ASA College where he plays basketball while coaching for BBA part-time.



Shota has loved basketball since the age of 5 and has been involved ever since. Shota played professional basketball for almost 8 years. He played for the Georgian Superleague for 5 years before he moved to Iran, where he played professional basketball for 2 years. After his professional basketball career, Shota coached kids under the age of 14 for 3 years at one of the most prestigious private schools in Georgia Quality School International. After that, he became assistant coach of Tbilisi, Dinamo U18 team where he managed practices and developed players individually. Shota also worked as a basketball agent and sent Georgian kids to the USA on basketball scholarships.


Sam Howell is a former UMC (University of Minnesota Crookston - NCAA D2) shooting guard. Sam graduated from UMC with a Sports Management degree. Since graduation, Sam has been involved in youth development through sports. Previously, Sam coached kids under the age of 14 at Peninsula YMCA - San Diego and recently trained youth at I9 Sports - San Diego. Sam is a great motivational speaker and has exceptional teaching skills.